Herbal Consultations with Ember

I recommend a customized holistic herbal protocol, so you can enhance your capacity and resiliency to do more of what you love.

I am currently accepting new clients over Zoom

In person appointments have been temporarily suspended due to COVID-19 safety measures.

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Please get in touch with any questions: e.peters.herbalist@gmail.com


Comprehensive Herbal Consultation

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During a comprehensive 1.5-2 hour consultation, we will discuss in depth your health issues and body system functions based on your priorities and goals. I view my role as being in partnership with you - I bring my knowledge of plants and physiology, and you bring your experiences of your body, mind and spirit. I strive to treat you with complete respect, and to create a non-judgmental and compassionate healing space. My primary goal is to educate you about herbs, food and lifestyle habits to empower you to achieve your healing goals.

Especially in long term chronic illness, it is important to have patience and diligence for the herbs to do their work. The approach of herbal medicine is to find the root of the imbalance and support the whole body in a deep healing process.

I help you to craft realistic short and long term goals to improve your quality of life so that you are more able to do what you love.

I offer custom herbal formulations to support your healing process. After the first appointment, I recommend follow-up consultations every 4-8 weeks to see how the herbs are working for you, and to make changes if necessary.


Comprehensive initial consultation 1.5-2 hrs

  • $150 regular price
  • $50-100 sliding scale for BIPOC
  • $20-100 sliding scale with student observers present

Follow-up consultation 45-60 mins

  • $75 regular price
  • $30-50 sliding scale for BIPOC
  • $10-$50 sliding scale with student observers present

This includes time needed for research, formulating and dispensing of the herbal medicines. Herbs are not included in this price.

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Acute Support Herbal Consultation: 30 mins

Are you feeling unsure about committing to a full comprehensive consult but you have questions for an experienced herbalist?  Are you having any acute symptoms like cold or flu or a recent injury? In a half-hour mini consultation with me, we can talk through some of your questions and acute health concerns We can focus on herbal medicines and foods already in your cupboards or garden or that you can easily access. This is not a comprehensive intake to address your long-term health concerns. If you’re looking for ongoing support for chronic or long-term health issues, please book an initial consultation thorugh the link above. These consultations are not a substitute for conventional medical care. If you have symptoms of COVID-19 such as sore throat, fever and dry cough, please contact your local health care system to access testing and monitoring.


$20-40 sliding scale

Payments and Accessibility (click here to read more)

Payment is accepted in the form of personal cheque, cash, paypal, credit card or interac e-transfer.

If the cost or payment option does not work for you, please email me to discuss other flexible payment options. A limited number of discounts/sliding scale/payment plan options are available.

Sliding scale (down to at-cost) pricing is offered for People of Color and Indigenous folks who would otherwise be unable to access herbal consultations.This is in a spirit of reparations, in an effort to create more accessible spaces for people who face systemic marginilization.

My Approach

As a holistic Clinical Herbalist, I view you as having the innate ability to heal and your body systems as being interconnected. In my practice I draw on knowledge from Western Herbalism traditions, assessment tools from Classical Chinese Medicine, scientific research and physiology to craft custom herbal formulations based on your healing goals. I incorporate about 200 different plants, mushrooms and supplements into my practice.

I can work with you on any health issue or imbalance, acute or chronic. I have  interest and experience working with people through cancer, diabetes, liver diseases, digestive issues, auto-immunity, chronic pain, neurological conditions, endocrine imbalances, addiction, injury recovery, fertility autonomy, hormone imbalances, sleep issues, trans health, mood/emotional imbalances, as well as a wide range of other health concerns.

I use a client-centered and trauma-informed approach, which means that I meet you where you are at in terms of your capacity, goals, barriers to resources, etc, and I strive to treat you with total acceptance and respect, viewing you as the expert of your body and experiences. My practice strives to be trans-inclusive and trans-competent, to provide empowering care to trans and gender-non binary clients.

I neither diagnose nor directly treat diseases, rather I can make assessments of imbalances based on patterns and physiologic presentation, and support the healing of your body, mind and spirit. I carefully assess all interactions that herbs may have with pharmaceutical medications, and I can work with other health care practitioners if desired.