"Ember's teaching style is fantastic. Her clear, methodical and organized approach to the lectures/slides were very helpful in what could be an overwhelming subject." - Kim, student of Advanced Herbal Actions and Basic Plant Chemistry at VCIH

“Learning from/with Ember is a gift. Her style is warm, accessible and informative. She has so much valuable practical experience working with folks across lived experiences, which she generously shares. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate not only their herbal knowledge, but also their commitment to social justice and solidarity in their teaching and their work.” - Katie

“Ember's commitment to providing accessible, non-judgemental care is evident in the thoughtful way they empower each client to meet their wellness goals. As a student, I was amazed by Ember's ability to synthesize complex physiology and pharmacology with an analysis around broader societal issues such as indigenous sovereignty, environmental racism, and substance abuse. Through their teaching, I learned not just about herbal medicine, but about how a deeper connection to land and its inhabitants can provide grounding for creating a better world.” - Jay B, clinical herbalism student

“Ember helped shed light on a personally intimidating facet of herbalism: chemistry and pharmacology. She made it fun and exciting, offering multiple ways of thinking about chemical classifications and constituencies, and why they are important, and helped me better conceptualize previously murky waters.” - Mollie, student of Advanced Herbal Actions and Basic Plant Chemistry at VCIH

"I learned so much from Ember’s workshop on sleep, from the physiology of the hormones that govern the sleep/wake cycle to the profiles of plants that we can invite to be our herbal allies. I really loved how Ember wove in her experience as a clinical herbalist while sharing her wide and deep knowledge of plants. I look forward to further study with Ember, and I recommend her classes to anyone looking to expand their understanding of herbalism." ~Dianne Clouet, Brattleboro VT

"Ember is an inspiring, passionate educator, and intentional in the material that they deliver. I really appreciated the intersectional and anti-colonial approach they took to facilitating group discussions and the overall design of their herbalism intensive. Ember has so much to share from both their extensive clinical experience and deep relationship with plants. I left their workshop feeling inspired and with a renewed connection to the plants. The medicines we made together continue to support me on my healing journey. " - Rachael Schwartz



“I was 69 when I first met with Ember. Although basically healthy, I was looking for an alternative approach to dealing with an irregular heart rhythm and also lifelong sinus and allergy issues. What struck me from the first session, and was confirmed by later ones, is that I trusted her. She was very present and I felt listened to. She was very knowledgeable and gave me new and useful information. She was very open to different ways of looking at my health, while also very practical and grounding in her feedback. For me, she clearly stands out among the various health practitioners I've dealt with over the years. Are my issues gone? No, but I've seen improvement in all of them, and I don't worry about them any longer. And I believe the herbs fostered a rich terrain that allowed me to grow other helpful forms of self-treatment. I would give Ember my highest recommendation.”

“In working with Ember I feel empowered to stay open around my health concerns and take the next step. I feel seen as a dynamic being and meet in each change along the way. The knowledge they (she) offers is from a wholesome and well balanced perspective. I'd highly recommend exploring yourself in the presence and partnership of Ember!”

"I began seeing Ember at a particularly difficult and vulnerable time of my life (as I was struggling with PTSD and assault). Her innate ability to connect with me and to engender trust between us, was as important as the guidance and recommendations for the health regimen that she offered towards my recovery; a seamless fit between the personal and the professional. I will carry both with me as I move forward; Thank you!"