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What is Herbalism?

Herbalism is the use of plants as medicines to support healing. It is a holistic philosophy and practice viewing each person as a whole, where symptoms and experiences are connected and the human body is resilient and intelligent with an underlying ability to heal. Carefully chosen herbs or herbal formulas can encourage balance in a person’s body, mind and spirit. Herbalism is rooted in supporting healthy human communities and connection with nature.

Herbalism can support a person with any chronic and acute illnesses, or for anyone looking to live a more vibrant, balanced life. From colds and flus, injuries and wound healing, to long-term stress, sleep or mood imbalances, hormone imbalances, diabetes, cancer and auto-immune diseases – herbalism can be a supportive therapy for anyone looking to improve their resilience and well-being.

Herbalism is the oldest form of medicine, and some form of plant-based healing has been practiced across the world, throughout human history. Herbalism is as diverse as those who practice it and those who find improved quality of life from using plants. There are infinite ways that herbalism can be described and practiced, my views represent my own experience, education and context. I tend to to focus on local plants whenever possible, in the spirit of long-term sustainability and connection with local land-base.