offered online and in person

I have been teaching herbal medicine since 2010 at conferences, herb schools and community spaces, from the beginner level to the advanced clinical level.

I would be happy to offer a class for your community's specific interest.

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Plant Allies for Emotional Well-Being

How does being in isolation affect our emotional state? What barriers to wellness are we experiencing? What space is there for self and community care in this time? This workshop will explore medicinal plants that are used to help support us through difficult emotional patterns like depression, anxiety, anger, etc. For each herb we will discuss their identification, harvesting, specific indications, contraindications and dosage.

Herbs for Stressful Times

Stress, especially over the long-term, has widespread impacts on the body, mind and spirit. Chronic stress can have many physical and emotional effects that can include immune suppression, tension, insomnia, anxiety and fatigue. From a holistic clinical herbalist perspective, this workshop will explore how stress can affect the body, and how herbs and lifestyle changes can help us shift towards physical and emotional resilience.

Herbs to Support Restful Sleep

Do you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? Is stress negatively affecting your sleep patterns? Sufficient restful sleep supports healthy immune function and helps us to recover from stress. This class will discuss the consequences of insufficient sleep, the benefits of sleep, and how sleep contributes to overall vitality and resilience. The herbal strategies will be presented based on specific presentations and patterns, to help you choose the most appropriate herbs for yourself.