Herbal Education Programs & Classes

With over 10,000 hours of experience in herbal medicine, I support people to build their herbal skills - from the beginner to the seasoned practitioner. Together we create a learning environment based on connection with the land and discussion of broader societal issues, while building practical skills to apply plant medicine to your daily life and practice.

With over 3000 hours of clinical experience, I support aspiring and experienced clinical herbalists to build their skills as highly competent and proficient clinicians for their communities.


Clinic Mentorship Program

October 19th 2020 – February 18th 2021

Location: Online on Zoom, with possible in-person participation as safety allows

223 hour program

Application deadline is August 10th, 2020

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Advanced Therapeutics Classes <Recordings Available>

These online classes are for herbalists and other holistic health practitioners who have a strong background of knowledge including anatomy & physiology and herbal materia medica.

Cost: $50 per class (reduced rate of $25 per class for BIPOC, unemployed and low income, further discounts may be available upon request). To request access to the recordings, email: e.peters.herbalist@gmail.com

A Constitutional Approach to Chronic Pain

Chronic pain has many causes, and can be mysterious in origin. The medical system has tools to help people cope for a time, but generally does not offer a long-term solution. Herbalists can use energetic constitutional assessment to determine appropriate herbal support for each individual person. In this class we will explore: reasonable short and long-term goals; differentiating herbs and strategies for different presentations; the roles of sleep, digestion, and stress in chronic pain processes; and complimentary supportive therapies.

Herbs and Hormones

How can we assess a person’s hormone profile and recommend approprate herbs for them? Differentiating hormone imbalances and the hormonal effects of herbs allows us to choose an effective protocol for each person’s health goals. We will discuss specific indications for herbs that affect sex hormones, and review relevant physiology. This class will be taught through a gender-affirming and trans-positive lens, including discussion about safe and complementary use of herbs with hormone supplementation for gender affirmation.

Invite me to teach a class in your community

I have been teaching herbal medicine since 2010 at conferences, herb schools and community spaces.

I have been faculty at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism since 2018, teaching courses from the beginner level to the advanced clinical level.

I would be happy to offer a class for your community's specific interest.

For all inquiries: email me at e.peters.herbalist@gmail.com